May 27, 2010

On having a bad imagination

My mom sent this picture to me last winter, when the power in her house went out after this terrible ice storm and she had to stay in a hotel for a few days. It was very, very cold outside and this swan was keeping warm by standing on a heating vent.

Just a few months later, though, this picture looks incredibly foreign. Snow seems like a ridiculous concept, and avoiding cold seems sort of absurd. When it comes to weather, I realized, I am sort of like a child who still hasn't quite reached the stage where they can conceptualize anything other than what they are experiencing right now. And right now it is very hot, and actually I can't quite imagine I will ever be cold again.

(Mostly I'm not blogging here any more, by the way, but at Oh and (Kevin) I found the RSS feed button—it's at the bottom of the page.)

May 4, 2010

I have moved!

I blog here now------------------->

I guess that wasn't really so slow after all.

May 1, 2010

Hippiehampton, Take II*

I'm not sure of the occasion (May Day?) (and who needs an occasion for a drum circle!) but I can actually hear the drum circle from inside my house. I tend to like it when places so exactly fulfill my expectations of them, but my expectations of Northampton hippies are generally fairly not good, and my dislike of Northampton drum circles is far outweighing the pleasure I could otherwise derive from the situation. I guess to be honest I just really don't like drum circles in general, but to understand that you'd have to understand how many terrible ones I was subjected to as a younger person.

Which reminds me. One time, (a long time ago) my friend dated this guy (in Berkeley, of course) who was super soft spoken and really, really, really present at all times (not in a good way) and ACTUALLY ROUTINELY WORE HIS MOM'S YOGA PANTS. We still talk about this, sometimes, this friend and I. Usually just to affirm, one more time, that this is not a good look, people, not a good look at all. #thingsthatremindmeofcollegebutnotinagoodway.

*I posted this on my tumblr blog already, but then my friend (the one who dated the yoga dude) wanted to know how to add a comment, and honestly I have no idea. Presumably she wants to claim that she didn't really "date" this guy. To which I will add, preemptively, oh yes you did! But that's just a guess. Maybe she recently attended a really enjoyable drum circle and just wants to share. Either way, I am posting this here instead of figuring out how to add Disqus or whatever it is to tumblr because it is Saturday and I'd rather be outside instead of in front of my computer. Comment away girl-who-once-dated-guy-who-routinely-wore-his-mom's-yoga-pants!